AntiGravity Yoga

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AntiGravity Yoga uses giant silk hammocks that hang from the ceiling in poses drawn from yoga, dance, Pilates and aerial acrobatics. The hammock suspends you slightly above the ground, supporting your balance and body weight as you sit, lie and turn yourself upside down.

Good to Know

Practice on an empty stomach, as you may be upside down, spinning, or supported by the hammock against your belly.

Wear long sleeves and legs to avoid pinching on your skin, and a fitted top that won't cause a problem when you're upside down.

Who's it for?

Anyone looking for something a bit different. You don't necessarily need any yoga experience.


AntiGravity Inc was founded in the 1990s by acrobatic performer Christopher Harrison. Originally designed as a training technique for gymnasts, the practice is spreading rapidly, now appearing in many sports clubs and dedicated studios.

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