Forrest Yoga

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Forrest Yoga is a strong, therapeutic practice, known for long holds in poses and its focus on transformative healing. There's a strong emphasis on deep, powerful breath and challenging sequences are key features of a class.

Good to Know

Take water with you and expect to sweat.

You'll do abdominal exercises in every class, so get ready to fire up your core.

There's a strong emphasis on connecting to your physical and emotional sensations during your practice, tailoring poses honestly, and working through trauma and blocks.

Who's it for?

The perfect thing if you're looking for new challenges and deeper levels of sublety in your yoga practice.

The focus on healing and modifying poses also makes Forrest Yoga a great choice for anyone with physical limitations, injuries, or tweaky aches and pains.


Forrest Yoga was named for its creator, Ana T. Forrest, who designed the practice to address the physical and emotional stresses of modern day life.

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