Hatha Yoga

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Technically Hatha Yoga is a generic term that encompasses all the physical practices of yoga out there, but if you see it used on a schedule, you can expect a straightforward, medium paced class. A basic, classical approach to yoga poses.

Classes often include simple breathing exercises, yoga poses and a short meditation. There's usually some focus on good body alignment in yoga poses and time to experiece each pose before moving on to the next one.

Good to Know

You'll notice a wide variety of individual teaching styles within this style. The pace, flow and focus of your class will depend on your teacher.

Who's it for?

This style is accessible to everyone and great for beginners. You're most likely to love it if you're looking for something in the middle of the road - enjoying some movement and work without plunging into the dynamic and sweaty.


Some practitioners date Hatha Yoga back to the 15th Centrury or even earlier. Hatha is translated as ha meaning "sun" and tha meaning "moon." This refers to the balance of masculine aspects—active, hot, sun—and feminine aspects—receptive, cool, moon—within all of us.

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