Hot Yoga

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Hot Yoga encompasses any class in a heated studio. All Bikram is Hot Yoga, but not all Hot Yoga is Bikram. The difference is the sequence of poses, which in Bikram is set, and in Hot Yoga classes is not. Hot Yoga classes may also be more dynamic, flowing from one pose to the next like a Vinyasa class. 

Good to Know

You'll sweat buckets - don't forget water and a towel.

The style and pace of class will depend on the teacher and the studio, so it's good to find out more before you go.

Similar to Bikram Yoga, modesty isn't a strong theme, and students often work out in just a sports bra and/or shorts.

Who's it for?

Anyone looking for a detoxifying, sweaty workout with goals of weightloss and body tone.


As the name and sequence of the copyrighted Bikram Yoga became more fervently protected, Hot Yoga evolved, breaking the rigidity and limitations of the Bikram Yoga sequence. There are now oddles of hot yoga studios, all over the world, each offering their own take on the practice.

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