Pilates Mat

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All the fundamental movements of Pilates exercise are incorporated in a mat classes, so this is a great place to begin. Most exercises are done lying down on your mat and focus on buliding strength in the core of the body.

Pilates Mat classes don't require special equipment, and venues without full Pilates studios often offer mat classes. 

Many experts recommend that beginners get a grounding with Mat classes, then incorporate Pilates Equipment into their practice later.

Good to Know

Like yoga, Pilates classes are usually done barefoot.

Who's it for?

With its promises of of core strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone, Pilates attracts everyone from grandmas to executives. 


Joseph Pilates originally developed this method of exercise in the 1920s as a rehab program for prisoners of war. This method later became a popular exercise program for all kinds of people.

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