Power Yoga

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Power Yoga classes are fast paced and athletic, recruiting every muscle in the body for a top to toe workout. This is a serious mind-body workout. The sequence of poses is linked by the breath, for a flowing, vigorous practice, but unlike Ashtanga Yoga, the poses and sequence may vary from class to class, and are often set to music.

Good to Know

If you're the athletic type, don't underestimate the challenge. Start slowly and try to keep your competitive nature in check.

Classes are fast-paced, flowing from one pose to the next on each inhale and exhale.

Who's it for?

Power Yoga is physically challenging, so a basic level of fitness is a must.


Power Yoga originated in the United States in the 90s, and was derived from the Ashtanga Yoga system. Two teachers, Beryl Bender Birch and Brian Kest, are acknowledged for creating Power Yoga, completely independently and at almost exactly the same time. Since then, other teachers, such as Baron Baptiste have also established successful versions of the style.

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