Shadow Yoga

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Shadow Yoga incorporates movements from yoga, martial arts and dance. Class starts with set series of movements, or 'Preludes', designed to prepare the body for yoga poses, both physically and energetically. Shadow Yoga draws wisdom from Ayurvedic and Siddha medicine, and works with marma points in the body (subtle energy points of the Ayurvedic system).

Good to Know

No matter how much yoga you've done before, this is a strong physical practice that will work you hard, particularly in the hips and legs.

Expect lots of Uddiyana Bandha, which is not comfortable on a full stomach. Don't eat for a few hours before class.

Who's it for?

This practice looks and feels different from the typical yoga class. It works strongly with subtle energy and you need some patience and commitment to work through the early stages. 


Shadow Yoga was created by Shandor Remete, who is still teaching worldwide. Another key international teacher of the style is Emma Balnaves.

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