About Yogaciti.com

We are a small team who love yoga, love Pilates and want you to get as much from them as we do. There are so many fantastic classes and events going on, and we want you to know about them.

In a nutshell we have three goals. 

1) Whether you’re a brand new yogi or a dedicated practitioner, we aim to take the hassle out of finding the class, teacher or venue that’s right for you. We’ll ultimately map over 100,000 events through the UK, including classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training programmes, easily searchable by what matters to you most.  Search Home Page

2) We want you to have the best possible experience so that you’ll keep on practicing. To help you find your way, our yoga and Pilates styles guide tells you what to expect from classes in over 35 different disciplines from hot yoga to Pilates to mindful meditation, with extensive links so you can delve into the history and philosophy of each. The easy to use categories divide everything into five simple types of class experience, so you can browse the world of yoga and Pilates as it best suits you.

3) Teachers and venue managers, we want to provide a platform for you to share what you do. We’ll make it easier for students to attend your classes, hear about your workshops and relax on your retreats. Your profile will be searchable by style, location, teaching method and schedule, while personal reviews help you stand out in the crowd.  

The Yogaciti.com Team

In all honesty ‘team’ is a bit of an overstatement as there are just the two of us. What we lack in numbers though, we make up for in enthusiasm and our rapidly expanding expertise.

Sheila Bennett

Sheila is an expert in ideas that end up harder than they seem, and responsible for the conceptualization of the site. She has the task of outreach to the UK’s yoga community and of making this incredible (yet jargon-filled) world quickly accessible to everyone, regardless of background or experience. A long-time lover of yoga, Sheila has been practicing for over 15 years, managed one of London’s leading yoga studios and now teaches juicy Forrest Yoga classes around London. sbennett@yogaciti.com

Dylan Tanner

Dylan specializes in building and rolling out data-intensive sites (ekobai.com), and this comes in more than a little bit handy. He’s responsible for data integrity, overall user experience and making tea, all of which he does rather well. When he’s not crunching through spreadsheets and databases, Dylan is also a trainee yoga teacher and huge yoga fan with a taste for a robust Power Yoga Practice. dtanner@yogaciti.com

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