Beginner's guide to yoga

Yoga is among the best exercises, which helps one stay fit, flexible and agile. It's never too late to start practising yoga -studies say that people who do yoga three to four times a week are healthier than those who don't. Here's what all you need to keep in mind...

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Pilates for men

With a growing number of elite and professional sportsmen making Pilates part of their training regimes, ‘Real Men Do Pilates’ is an increasingly common subject for articles in many Fitness and Men’s Lifestyle magazines.

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Yoga for runners: 10 ways yoga makes you faster

Yoga isn’t about mastering advanced asanas, but most yoga students know how satisfying it can be to take the shape of a particularly challenging pose for the very first time. It feels amazing to make noticeable strides in strength, flexibility, balance, mental focus, and more. Likewise, even if you’re not a competitive runner, nothing can motivate you to stick with your running routine like watching yourself get faster, stronger, and more efficient over time.

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Yoga for dogs is an actual thing

Suzette Ackermann holds yoga classes for dogs – or “doga”.  It gives a whole new meaning to the pose downward dog.

It might sound mad but she believes the pets get all sorts of soothing benefits.

Owners scoop the pooches up into different poses, which gives them a great work out too. And 36-year-old Suzette claims the sessions relax the dogs.

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First yoga studio opens at Heathrow Terminal 4

The first airport yoga studio has opened to passengers travelling with SkyTeam Alliance airlines at Heathrow Terminal 4. The two-month pilot yoga project is in the exclusive alliance lounge and has been introduced as a way of providing pre-flight relaxation for its travellers.

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How two minutes of mindfulness can calm a class and boost attainment

Buddhists have practised mindfulness for more than 2,000 years, but the technique of focusing on the present moment has long been dismissed by scientists as new age mumbo jumbo. Now, though, the West is finally waking up to the benefits of Eastern meditation and schools are discovering a daily dose of silent reflection can not only calm a classroom but may improve academic performance.

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Wall Street Yoga: Finance gets its downward dog on

In the fiercely competitive environment of Wall Street, almost everyone is looking for an edge. Bankers, traders and fund managers are practicing yoga in order to build their mental faculties and improve their ability to focus, claiming that it can serve them well at work.  

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Please leave your type A-ness off my yoga mat!

There are all kinds of yoga these days. And then, there's a new one that I've discovered... Type A yoga. Yes, Type A-ness (which does sound quite naughty when you say it out loud) has gone beyond the corporate world and into the yoga world, one that I had assumed was supposed to be Zen.

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